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Cheapest Nursing schools in Europe for international students – Medical studies are advancing over the years as enormous numbers of people need medical care, requiring special attention, which is also required by nursing.


Moreover, money has become why many talented and brilliant minds fail to achieve their long time goals, especially in nursing.

After discovering the problem of being financially unstable, we decided to proffer a solution by writing this topic on the top cheapest nursing schools in Europe for international students.


Not only cheap because we have to consider other factors in terms of security, cost of living and comfortably while researching this beautiful topic, so do well to read this article to the end.

Cheapest Nursing Schools In Europe For International Students

Below are affordable nursing schools in Europe for international students, even without breaking the bank:

1. University of Adger

The University of Adger is one of the cheapest schools in Norway, offering affordable education to its domestic and international students. Not only about being cheap, but the tendency to gain employment after graduation is high at the university.


Although Norway practices the “no tuition policy,” in public universities, education is free of charge in eligible universities, and international students only have to pay the semester fees of nothing less than $82.

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The University of Adger might be a good choice for your beautiful career, with over 19 programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In contrast, some are English taught, and the others will be conducted in Norwegian (the official language of Norway).

2. University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is a private university founded in Spain; it offers affordable and classic education. Even though it’s a private institution, students longing for scenic, traditional, affordable education on a platter should opt for the Spanish university.


Although the university is located in Spain, it has numerous English taught programs for international students by which an average student pays nothing less than $3,190 per semester.

3. University of Stavanger

Heading back to Norway, the University of Stavanger is also a university in Norway affected by the “no tuition policy.”

As explained above, any student attending this university will not have to pay any fees except for international students that are mandated to settle for the semester fees.

One of the uniqueness of the university is that its department of health studies proffers a Master in Prehospital Critical Care, a program you can easily find in any Nordic country.

The university is focused on building academic excellence in its students and teaching it with actual life practice, and it is an excellent choice to step up your nursing career.

However, the university has made the Erasmus scholarships available to ease qualifying students of some financial burdens.

4. Hochschule BremenCity University of Applied Sciences

Moving to Germany to a university that provides affordable education to both domestic and international students in any programs and proffers the best global academic experience, the name of the institution is Honschule Bremer City University of applied sciences.

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However, the university’s undergraduate tuition fee is complimentary, while students enrolling for master’s studies will pay nothing less than $1000.

Although most programs in the University are German taught, while some are taught in English, it is an attractive choice for rising in student’ nursing career.

5. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Still in Germany, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is one of the cheapest nursing schools in Europe for international students, with five (5) programs in the field of nursing, of which three (3) are undergraduate while two (2) are for masters studies.

Although the university is free of charge, students (both domestic and international) pay €350 per semester, and the funds go directly to the student services and student government.

The university is focused on good academic study coupled with quality academic training, making it easier for students to get a more comprehensive education throughout their studies.

Most of the programs in the University are German taught; students interested in studying nursing at the university will have to learn the German language effectively to avoid unnecessary mayhem.

6. The Arctic University of Norway

Heading back to Norway to complete our list, the Arctic University of Norway is also one of the cheapest nursing schools in Europe for international students. They proffer students with quality academic knowledge and real-life experiences.

Attending this university won’t make you break the bank due to its affordability; tuition fee is free for both local and international students. However, students must pay $65 every semester for their counseling services, class registration, student cards, class registration, and exams.

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In conclusion, Europe is a beautiful and scenic place with numerous international universities, among which some are affordable. A degree from Europe is more recognized globally than in other continents like Africa or South America.

Do you know any cheap Nursing schools/universities in Europe? Do well to drop them in the comments section below.

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