10 Best Summer Jobs for High School Students

best summer high school jobs for students

Best summer jobs for high school students – Well, we know that being in college should not all be about making money at all times, but the high cost of tuition fees has made it a thing for all students. So it is common for students to work while in school to make money.

The question is, what kind of jobs do they do? How much do those jobs pay them per hour? So we will show you the best summer jobs for high school students and how much they pay per hour as a salary.

The major problem that students usually encounter is the issue of finding a good part-time job that will not clash with their studies and will still be enough to pay their school bills and take care of themselves. As there are several summer jobs for students online, finding the one that will give you money and make it worth your time could also be challenging sometimes.

These are some issues students face when considering a part-time job while in school. Well, we will leave you with some nice tips on going around all these issues and getting the best summer job for yourself.

One good thing about summer jobs is that it indirectly gives you the most significant opportunity to build your confidence and start learning some money-making principles and how to save what you have earned. Summer jobs make it less stressful to be in school and avoid some student loan debt from the government.

On the other hand, if your summer job is related to the course you are doing in your school, it gives you that practical experience that you will need to include in your Curriculum Vitae as work experience, which makes you more employable. You stand out in that competitive job.

Furthermore, as much as deciding on a high school summer job to do is another difficult part for high school students, and you should avoid taking any part-time jobs in college that will compete with your study time in school.

10 Best Summer Jobs for High School Students

You have a choice to make whether you want to work outside or work with others or with animals. Once you choose where to work, you’ll find summer jobs that fit every area you might be interested in.

These high school summer jobs do not require any experience for you to be employed except if it’s a requirement. So it would be best to rest assured that you will find enough entry-level summer jobs here for college students with a good pay per hour.

1. Administrative Assistant

Average Salary Per Hour: $20 or more

Well, almost everyone sees an administrative assistant as one who is always at the table all day answering phone calls, typing correspondences for the company, or handling other trivial customer issues. You are right to an extent because the thesis is the core duty of an admin assistant.

However, admin assistants are also part-time helpers to some executives when a company has a heavy workload. Most admin assistants operate as virtual assistants. They help fix meetings and send emails, reminders, and messages to customers on behalf of their boss.

If you want to be the perfect person for this kind of summer job, then you should have excellent communication skills, including both oral and written. More so, you should also have basic knowledge of the use of MS Excel and other office equipment, which makes your work organization easier and faster.

The best place to get employed as an admin assistant is on campus. You can pick the job especially working at the library front desk or help desks, You will do simple jobs such as filing books or simply taking care of one area of the library and you can study when there are fewer people around.

2. Gym Instructor

Average Salary: $21 Per hour

Are you someone who has this boring passion for always keeping fit? Then you can be a gym instructor if you do not mind teaching others how to become fit.

A summer job as an instructor or personal will be a nice one. Your task will be to tell the gym users which equipment to use for their weight and give them safety measures while using the gym.

You will need some experience and a certificate to be a personal trainer but being a gym instructor is one job you can pick off without experience.

All you need to have is the desire to be fit and have a good physique, which shows that you are training yourself to be fit too. You should remember that if you are fit, it helps you to become more brilliant in school.

3. Residence Advisor (RA)

Average Salary: $23 Per hour

You all know the job of a resident adviser in your college. At least you went through him while undergoing your campus registration and documentation. Some colleges and universities offer free or discounted houses if you are willing to work for them as a residence advisor.

So you can divide the amount of money you would save with free or discounted housing by the number of hours you would have worked at another job to determine the average hourly rate.

These jobs are seen as part of the work-study program, so they are not available to all students. So you will have to ask your school authority to know if you qualify for the job.

4. Golf Caddy

Average Salary: $18 Per hour

If you watch golf or have been to a golf field, you will notice some people who help the golf players carry their bags. Well, those guys are called the golf caddies. It is one of the best summer jobs that high school students engage in to make extra income.

So, while you carry around the golf bag, you can learn how to play the game if you have done the job severally. More so, if you love the game of golf, you can enjoy and be present in various tournaments for your employer. It gives you a wonderful experience of what the game of golf looks like.

The difficult thing about this job is that you will never find them listed online or advertised in any media. The only way to know about the opportunity is if you know any golf players or if you are usually at the golf course for frequent relaxation. That is when you can be lucky and bump into any job to be a golf caddy.

5. Movie Theater Employee

Average Salary: $15 per hour

Movie theater jobs are one the best jobs you can think of this coming summer. If you love seeing movies, eating popcorn and ice cream, or looking for a cool place for your summer job, you can take this job.

Many movie theaters will hire teens to make sure they are adequately staffed for summer blockbuster movies. This makes this a common first job for many teens.

The job of a movie theater attendant is to scan tickets and sells snacks. However, the job’s most difficult part is that you will clean up the whole place after the movie. But that could be worth it because you also get paid and watch free blockbuster movies without for free.

6. Pet Sitter

Average Salary: $14 per hour

As we said earlier, teen summer jobs can include working as pet sitters. So if you don’t mind taking care of someone’s pet, then you can go for this job. The job of a pet sitter includes dog walking, dog care, or generally bathing the dog and feeding it. You can always find your client on social media or through the Rover platform.

One good thing about this job is that it is flexible so you can choose when to work. Working on weekends can enable you to keep the job while also attending to your studies in school. This would affect the amount you will earn but it increases the more hours you work.

It would help if you also considered asking for a client referral from your friends and even reviews from those you have worked for in the past.

7. Freelancer

Average Salary: Not Fixed

The job of freelancing is another cool area where high school students work during the summer. Freelancing is when you work for someone online, and you get paid. This job can be done via several websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or freelancer to find your clients.

Well, one good thing here is that the Salary is not fixed. It all depends on your negotiation and what your hirer is willing to pay for the job. More so, it is very competitive and requires some skills for you to do any job.

Some of the summer jobs you can find as a freelancer are; writing, legal assistant, Virtual Assistant, Social media manager, drafting of documents, and customer care representative. There are several jobs, so you can sign up with any of them, update your profile, and send in your proposals for the job.

8. Stocking associate

Average Salary: $12.56 per hour

You can also look for a stocking associate job in a store not too far from your campus or hostel. This is one of the best-paying summer jobs for high school students, and almost all storekeepers or associates are students.

The job could be a bit tiring because you will be in charge of moving store records from a different department to another. You will arrange the products according to their prices and ensure the shopping trolleys are well placed. Sometimes your job could extend to offering customer services and taking stocks.

It would help if you did not take a stocking job in a store that is too busy. This is because the workload might become overbearing, and you work more in an hour and get paid less. Remember, you are being paid per hour, not by your work rate.

9. Lawn care specialist

Average Salary: $14.33 per hour

This job is known as a gardener as a general term. The job of lawn care is to weed the grasses and provide overall care to the lawn yards of individuals, families, and businesses. You will have to plant flowers, spread fertilizers, weed the garden, and apply insecticides to ensure that the plants are always green.

Then you are to trim the flowers and give them a good design if you know how to do so or you can learn it. The garden owner wants you to spend a few hours taking care of the place, and if you do it nicely, you can get extra pay as appreciation.

 10. Camp counselor

Average Salary: $19.60 per hour

Camping has become one of the major outdoor activities done by families and friends. They go out to enjoy themselves and keep the bond going. Sometimes it could be a camp date by two lovers. The gist is that the camp environment should be safe for the campers.

So your job is to advise the campers on some safety measures, make the place safe and create activities like games and other things the campers will love and enjoy.

This summer job requires you to be creative, have a nice smile, and know how to communicate and tolerate strangers. The pay for this job is high and you can always consider it a good summer job if you are a high school student.

Are there any benefits of these High school summer jobs besides getting paid?

As much as the primary aim of taking a summer job in high school is to earn extra income to help you pay your students’ bills and avoid loans, there are other benefits of these jobs that you might not know about. There are as follows;

  • A high school summer job can give you the initial working skills needed to start your career if you choose the summer job related to your career.
  • Getting a summer job improves your confidence as a teenager. This is because you will go through the normal hiring process of writing an application, going for an interview, and facing your employer in the office.
  • The skills you will get doing a summer job include time management skills, and it increases your network, and they can refer you when you need a job in the future.
  • Knowing your career path and working in a place related to your field gives you the necessary skills and work experience you need. An example is working as a legal assistant on Upwork or Fiverr for clients.

Recommendations Before Applying For A High School Summer Job

You should consider the following recommendations when applying for a summer job in high school. They are not mandatory, but they are necessary. They are;

  • Try as much as possible to get a job related to your field of study, as it will prepare you ahead of time.
  • Avoid taking up jobs that are far from your campus. This means that you will spend more money on transportation.
  • Try to work where things are cheap, so you do not spend much on feeding.
  • Avoid taking jobs that will take more of your time. This might hurt your studies.
  • Follow the rules of working hours for students that apply in your area. Do not go against the law as a student. Working fewer hours means you will have extra time for your books.


We have given you a comprehensive list of the best summer jobs for high school students that you can take while in college.

Endeavor to follow our recommendations after going through the list before choosing your job. We wish you more academic success, and your hard work will pay off as a student.

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