Best Schools In Westchester – Top 8 (Public & Private High Schools)

best schools in westchester

Best schools in Westchester – Are you interested in studying at Westchester in New York, or do you want to know more about the best schools there? Finding a school that offers higher quality education with real-life experience in Westchester can be breathtaking.


However, we have helped you with thorough research as this article contains the list of best schools in Westchester.

Currently, many public and private schools are educating almost 145,000 students, making it slightly tricky for parents/guardians to know the best schools to send their wards to, leading us to know the best schools in Westchester.

Best Schools In Westchester

As a student or parent, you ought to know the top-rated schools in Westchester because the below schools provide higher quality education to their students with real-life experiences. All the best schools in Westchester have the best and expert teachers in every subject.


Below are the top eight (8) best schools in Westchester:

1. Scarsdale Senior High School

Of all New York schools, including Westchester, the Scarsdale Senior High School, a public school, is the top-rated school in Westchester county. The school focuses on giving students a world-class education in an intense environment.

In terms of academics, one can say that the Scarsdale senior high school is fantastic because nearly 99% of students from Grade 9 -12 are proficient in mathematics and reading. The school has continued to experienced massive success in students’ academics life.

Scarsdale has many excellent teachers with an intensely competitive environment because it accommodates brilliant primary students, preparing them for college and success in their future careers; many supportive avenues within the school help students in all areas of their lives.

Although the school lacks some diversity which makes it difficult for an international student to attend, it has enormous friendly and helpful teachers with students to teacher ratio of 12:1 and several clubs and other extracurricular activities compared to other schools.

2. Rye Country Day School

Heading to the second-best schools on our list and the top-rated private school in Westchester, the Rye Country Day school is a must-go for students as it offers high-quality education and outstanding hospitality.

Are you searching for a school that cares for its students, where newcomers are celebrated like kings, and teachers pay keen attention to students with the healthy competition? If yes, the school’s name is Rye Country Day school, also called “RCDC.”

Choosing RCDC for your wards to study will be an intelligent investment and the best choice for their education and future. Unlike the previous school, the Rye Country Day School has a friendly and diverse environment that is conducive for both local and international students.

Although the long homework assignments and many extracurricular activities might be tiring for an average student, the school has a helpful and lovable environment for its students.

3. Horace Greeley High School

The Horace Greeley high school is the third best school on our list, located in Chappaqua in North Westchester county, a public school that focuses on pushing students to be the best and brightest they can be. The school is filled with fantastic and energetic teachers who aim to ensure excellent academic performance among students.

Balancing both sides, the school also has a variety of clubs and a couple of extracurricular activities that make students fit and mentally sound for learning. The competition rate in the school is high, making students academically challenged and preparing them well for college.

Although the school lacks diversity which international students will find hard to study, it has a student-teacher of 10:1 coupled with enormous college campus-like facilities, which is quite helpful.

4. Byram Hills High School

Heading to a public school in Armonk in Westchester county, Byram Hills High School is a prestigious school that provides its students with high standards and quality education. The school pressurizes students to be number one and by, which makes them prepare for college.

The school has a lovely and lively environment with engaging teachers who keenly observe students’ curiosity. However, every student participates in clubs and extracurricular activities, improving students’ self-confidence.

Although the school is ill-prepared in times of diversity, making it difficult for international students to study therein, its security is top-notch.

5. Pelham Memorial High School

The Pelham memorial high school is a public school located in Pelham in Westchester county, and it is also among the best schools in Westchester as it provides good academic education and hospitability to its students.

However, Pelham school sets its standard high among other public schools because of the availability of teachers willing and desiring to see you succeed; students in the school are friendly and engaging.

Aside from academic activities, the Pelham school also engages in extracurricular activities that have greatly helped students be physically fit. However, one of the facts I liked about Pelham memorial high school is that every student’s voice matters.

Although the school is a little diverse, Pelham school is one of the must-go schools we have in Westchester.

6. Hackley School

Hackley School is one of the best schools in Westchester. Also, a private boarding school with a student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1, the school offers good academic education that will prepare students for college and an immersive environment.

The school motto, “United, we help,” depicts one of the core values of Hackley school as it is easier for students to make personal friendships with mates and teachers. The school campus is an epitome of beauty that provide conduciveness for students’ learning.

Although the school has a rigorous academic curriculum, it helps the students to sit tight and buckle up.

7. Yorktown High School

The Yorktown High school is a public school located in the town of Yorktown, Westchester; it is one of the top-rated citadels for learning as it offers students great academic experiences with lots of diversity compared to other schools.

In terms of hospitality, the school is one of the best, and it has excellent and engaging teachers ready to answer students’ curiosity. The school accepts and has a hotspot for international students as it serves a series of people from different cultures and ethnicities.

8. French-American School of New York

Founded in 1980, the French-American School of New York is listed among the best schools in Westchester due to its tempting offer for both local and international students. However, the school is outstanding and also five-star in almost every aspect.

The fascinating aspect is that you do not need to be French or speak French before you can study in school. There are two mediums for students: the French curriculum for the French literate and the international curriculum for the English speakers.

A school inbuilt with knowledgeable and invested teachers with a welcoming environment for students, the French-American School of New York is also one of the must-go schools in Westchester.


Convincingly, the schools mentioned above are top-rated and also the best schools in Westchester. They provide quality and fascinating education to their students; these schools employ the best of the best teachers.

However, these schools are the best citadel for learning in Westchester as there are other good schools.


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