10 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment in 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

You might have been thinking of going to one of the technology career paths that pay handsomely and require computer knowledge; that’s where the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment industry comes in.


There are various jobs in the telecommunications industries, but knowing the best paying jobs for you with lots of opportunities, such as job security and valuable relationships, requires a handful of research that takes time and resources.

However, we have helped you handpick and research the best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. You must know that employment in this career path requires critical thinking, extensive creativity, problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills, and many others.

Although not everybody will venture into the telecommunications equipment career path, be assured that it is a good career choice with many opportunities.


Before diving into the topic you read above, you need to know what telecommunication equipment entails and why the industry is a good career path.

What is Telecommunications Equipment?

Telecommunications equipment, also known as telecom equipment hardware majorly used in connection or serves as a bridge to the telecommunication industry; an example of this equipment is mobile phones, which aid the easy passage of media and audio transmission from one location to the other.

The industry is an evolving sector and one of its kind as it gives you the room to think creatively and extensively by utilizing your innovative and problem-solving skills.

Is Telecommunications Equipment a Good Career Path?

Yes, telecom equipment is a good career choice for young and old adults, coupled with many job opportunities, mouth-watering salaries, job security, and creative improvement.

Over the years, the telecom equipment industry has played a vital role in various sectors, making the demand for more workers in the field projected by the Bureau of labor statistics increase to 8% from 2021 to 2031.

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

There are various jobs in telecom equipment which, some of which are mouth-watering salaries with lots of opportunities. However, this article contains the list of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment:

1. Instrumentation and Control Design Engineer

An instrumentation and control design engineer deal with designing, installing, and managing pieces of equipment majorly used for controlling engineering processes. They mainly oversee the industrial gears and ensure they work effectively.

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

The career path can be a great choice considering an individual’s preference; the demand for more workers in the field keeps rising, and it is one of the best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

Hence, you must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or closely related fields to be an instrumentation and control design engineer.

2. Wireless Technician

Wireless Technician deals with installing, repairing, and managing wireless devices. They help to manage and fix any emerging problems found in PDSs, cellular phones, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other wireless devices. They also develop and solve network problems.

They mainly work for cellular companies or as self-employed, yet the career path has many opportunities such as job security, mouth-watering salaries, and many others.

Working as a wireless technician requires excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, telecommunication, or closely related fields.

3. Broadband Engineer

Broadband engineers mainly work as installers, repairers, and maintainers for telecommunication services; they ensure telecommunication connections are functioning correctly. They monitor network activity and fix any emerging issues.

To work effectively as a broadband engineer, you must have in-depth knowledge in programming coupled with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications or software engineer and other related certifications.

4. Antenna Engineer

An antenna engineer deals with developing and designing an antenna with enormous communication devices. The antenna built by these engineers is used to transmit signals by radio, television, satellite companies, and other telecommunication agencies.

They also manage and test antennas and ensure they are functioning correctly. However, working as an antenna engineer requires a degree in electrical engineering or closely related fields.

5. Telecommunications Line Installer

Line installers put up poles and towers for new cable installation, majorly for phone, electricity, or television companies, making them one of the high in-demand and best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

Aside from installing new cables, they inspect, maintain, adjust and test cable lines for efficacy and effective use and evaluate strength at utility poles using some instruments.

Although the career path requires lots of human labor and effort, you must have in-depth knowledge in transmission with a minimum qualification of a high school diploma or related certification.

6. Data Architect

Next on our list of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment is data architect, whose primary work is to design and analyze a company’s data infrastructure. They help to plan the database and develop a solution for storing and managing the company’s data.

Data architects can work in various settings and sectors since almost every industry uses data, and the career path demand has been increasing over the years.

To work as a data architect, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, and other closely related fields coupled with vital certifications like Google Data Analytics or IBM Data Analyst.

7. Fiber Optics Technician

A fiber optics technician deals with installing and repairing fiber optics cable, a network cable used in telecommunication services to pass data over a long distance. The career path is one of the most sought jobs in telecommunications equipment.

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

Working effectively as a fiber optics technician requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering or other closely related disciplines.

8. Satellite TV Installer

Satellite TV installers are responsible for setting up, configuring, and installing satellite dishes for clients and customers. They connect and install television cables, positioning the satellite dish to the best signal reception.

satellite tv installer

This career path requires you to have excellent communication and problem-solving skills, as all you have to ensure is to satisfy your customers and ensure they are connected to the service.

To work as a satellite TV installer, you must have professional certification and in-depth knowledge of setting up and connecting a satellite dish.

9. Cyber Security Expert

Cyber security is a profession that deals with the application of technologies and processes to safeguard a network, system, programs, data, and even devices against malicious attacks and unauthorized access. They look out for and solve the weakest point that is present in a system.

Aside from the career path being one of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment, cyber security is an excellent career to venture into due to the high demand for more experts across the nation.

cyber security

However, working effectively as a cyber security expert or ethical hacker requires a professional certification in cyber security. It will be an excellent advantage if you have a bachelor’s degree in cyber security.

10. Telecommunications Manager

A telecommunications manager oversees, devises, builds, and manages a company’s day-to-day telecommunication operations. They help to install and inspect an organization’s communication lines to ensure they function correctly.

Working as a telecom manager requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills because you will have to troubleshoot telecom problems or disconnections and fix all emerging issues.

To be a telecommunications manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, and other related disciplines.


Working in the telecommunications equipment industry majorly involves solving various communication-related issues. If you dislike technology, it is best to know that the telecom industry is not for you.

Working in this industry requires skills such as excellent communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and many others.

However, be assured that you will meet up with lots of opportunities if you want to venture into this career path. We hope you have learned about the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.


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