10 Best Paying Jobs In Energy in 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Is energy a good career path? Yes, this is because it has some of the best paying jobs in energy to keep you fully engaged in your field. The energy sector is becoming one of the most important for our everyday lives and other people worldwide.

The recent breakthrough in renewable energy and different power generation has increased the demand for energy jobs.

Energy experts can work anywhere in the world because there are different careers in the energy sector that you can focus on. Some energy operators work in homes, offices, industries, and spaces. So if you want to make energy your career focus, you must find a job that pays you well.

It feels different for several persons working in the energy sector because they do not have the same job demands or operate the same equipment.

As we said, the jobs in the energy sector cut across various areas. Lawyers, financial analysts, software developers, chemists, installers, and machine operators work in various energy sector areas.

The jobs there are lucrative if you want a career path in the energy sector. You will find some of the best-paying jobs in the energy sector in renewable energy. Let us give you some highlights of some of the fastest growing and high-in-demand paying jobs in energy below;

10 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Written in accordance to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will find the list of the best-paying jobs in the energy sector. It is estimated that these jobs will grow in demand in the following years by 8%.

This means that there will be more demand for jobs in the energy sector as the world is trying to adopt renewable energy against the fossil fuels we currently consume.

1. Solar Engineer

Average Salary: $103,390

A solar engineer is an expert that generates energy from sunlight. Thus, the sunlight we see every day becomes a source of electricity. They also engage in the planning and designing of solar projects up until the installation stage.

More so, if you are an electrical engineer, you can get a degree in solar engineering and use your skill to get a job in the field. This is because solar engineers need solar knowledge to integrate renewable energy sources like solar power into the grid.

You will need a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree to become a solar engineer and increase your chances of getting hired for this job.

2. Chemical Engineer

Average Salary: $108,540

Chemical engineers are among the high-earning professionals in the energy industry. They use their knowledge of Chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics are used to solve problems in the energy sector.

They test and develop energy batteries to ensure that they are functional because chemicals are used in the production of energy plants. If you want to work as a chemical engineer, you will need a Bachelor’s degree.

3. Solar Software Developer

Average Salary: $110,140

No solar project exists without a software developer because those projects run on codes, and a software developer is needed for the job. This confirms why they are among the highest-paying solar energy jobs today.

They use their programming language knowledge to develop software that helps the solar energy system to function correctly. You will need a bachelor’s degree, and also a master’s degree will be an advantage to help you secure a job quickly.

4. Renewable Energy Scientific Researcher

Average Salary: $73,230

The invention of the solar system was a result of a series of research conducted by renewable energy scientific researchers. They engage in a series of research to recommend the next project to help solve the need to switch to renewable energy.

You can find them working for private companies and universities as researchers with their knowledge in their respective fields. They also use their knowledge in chemistry, physics, or other sciences and scientific researchers to investigate renewable energy sources.

5. Financial Analyst

Average Salary: $83,660

The job of a financial analyst is to render financial advice and recommendations to help a solar energy company to make profits and excel in the competitive market.

A financial analyst analyses the financial records and recommends improving the cost-benefit and increasing the return on investment. Financial analysts will need a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, and experience to excel in the field.

6. Green Construction Manager

Average Salary: $97,180

A green construction manager supervises the work done in the energy sector. The energy sector is regarded as one of the good practices for a “green environment.” A green environment is a push to make the earth safer and free from harmful substances.

This includes preserving green resources like forestation and encouraging the use of electric cars. The job of a gree construction manager is to plan, develop, and construct projects from beginning to end.

7. Chemist

Average Salary: $79,300

A chemist and a chemical engineer may seem synonymous, but they are different. A chemist focuses on checking the chemical reactions that can lead to combustion, solar power, and more.

They even use this knowledge to make recommendations as to the number of atoms a product should have and other chemical components of the product. You will find them always working in the lab with the chemical engineer who engages in production.

8. Civil Engineer

Average Salary: $88,570

Solar energy companies use heavy power plants to power their machines and improve productivity. The job of a Civil engineer is to plan, develop, construct, and ensure maintenance of these heave plants and other infrastructures.

A civil engineer is employed to manage regulations, costs, hazards, and data during planning to have suitable structures.

9. Renewable Mechanical Engineer

Average Salary: $90,160

Renewable mechanical engineers focus on designing and building devices used in the energy sector. It is one of the best-paying jobs in the energy industry. You will find them working in wind frames to create renewable wind energy with the help of turbines.

They will also work in offices or among the team developing solar projects. It is a lucrative field, and you need a bachelor’s degree and experience to get a job quickly in this field.

10. Geoscientist

Average Salary: $93,580

A Geoscientist studies the earth and its physical composition. They go to the field and take samples which they bring back to the lab for further experiments and to know the products that will solve any problem.

Geoscientists help to detect natural disasters and how you can reduce their effect when it happens and they use their knowledge to point out suitable resource deposits in the energy sector.


We have given you a comprehensive list of the best-paying Jobs in energy that you can apply for with your Bachelor’s degree.

The demand for jobs is expected to rise in the next few years. So the doubt of whether energy is a good career path has been settled as you have seen that you can make a fortune.

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