7 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

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Best paying jobs in consumer services – Most companies will want to answer, assist and guide a consumer with a right to make them keep coming always, and that’s where consumer services come in as it deals with having patience and excellent communication skills when dealing with customers.


However, there are numerous job opportunities at every level in consumer services coupled with building your professional life and helping you communicate better. With the demand for more workers in the field, there are many high-paying jobs in consumer services.

This article will reveal to you the best paying jobs in consumer service, yet you must know what consumer services entail.


What Are Consumer Services

Consumer services are services rendered by a brand to customers before and after purchasing their products. Every industry needs to provide a consumer service to their clients, which may come on different levels.

The demand for consumer services by various industries because the higher a company renders consumer services to its clients is higher the revenue increase.

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

Yes, working in the consumer services sector is rewarding and a good career path as it brings about meeting and relating with new people; the career might be terrific, but it helps build your professional life.


The consumer services sector offers a wide range of “  high-paying and promising jobs coupled with employment security; it helps you relate easily with various occupations available and builds you to stay calm and be patient.

Consumer services are a type of job and a skill that entails enormous characteristics such as problem-solving, communication, active listening, and empathy. Although working in the consumer services sector might be challenging and demanding as it is difficult to please all your clients, the job is essential to the growth of other industries.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Are you hoping to take a job in the consumer services sector but don’t know the best paying jobs in the field? However, there is a wide range of lucrative and high-paying jobs in the field of consumer services, and they are mentioned below:


1. Technical Support Engineer

Average Salary: $72,773

Technical Support Engineer, also known as IT support engineer, is one of the best paying jobs in the field of the consumer as they provide solutions and tech support to various clients across many industries, such as healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services.

technical support engineer

These engineers mainly work remotely and sometimes in person; they must be active listeners and have excellent communication skills. However, the job might sometimes be demanding as you must have minimum qualifications of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.

2. Account Manager

Average Salary – $54,776

An account manager monitors and oversees customer accounts, and they are in charge of relationships and sales with particular customers; they serve as the go-between the consumer services and the sales team in a company or industry.

However, an account manager must have excellent communication skills as they handle customers’ dissatisfaction and proffer solutions; they also help to build a long-lasting relationship between clients and the company.

 Best Paying Jobs In Customer Services

According to PayScale, an account manager is ranked the second most stressful job as it is demanding and requires many interpersonal skills. However, the minimum qualification for this job is a bachelor’s degree in sales, business administration, and other related fields.

3. Chief Financial Officer

Average Salary: $140,000

The chief Financial officer, also known as CFO, monitors a company’s financial operations, including financial planning, record keeping, internal and external financial reporting, and many others.

They are essential to the growth of an organization or company as they are responsible for financial matters and decision-making. The job is critical to a company’s success, making the career more demanding and offering a mouth-watering salary.

However, the minimum qualification for the job is a bachelor’s degree in finance or a closely related field.

4. Flight Attendant

Average Salary: $62,280

One of the best paying jobs in the consumer services sector is a flight attendant, also known as steward/stewardess; their work is to welcome and greet passengers as they board the aircraft, direct passengers to their seats, and inform them of emergency instructions.

However, you are guaranteed to fly for free as a flight attendant, while the job requires minimal effort as the minimum qualification is a GED or a high-school diploma.

5. Customer Service Manager

Average Salary: $47,886

A customer service manager is a leader who monitors how customer representatives attend to answer the customers’ complaints, guides and teaches them how to respond effectively, and helps solve their problems.

They sometimes also attend to customers directly, but they majorly work behind the scenes; being a customer service manager requires proficiency in the English language, technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work as a team.

6. Receptionist

Average Salary: $46,661

The receptionist is one of the diplomatic and best-paying jobs in the consumer services sector as it is considered the face of the company; they perform both clerical and administrative functions of an organization. They greet customers, answer calls and respond to customer or general public enquires.

To be a receptionist, you must possess vital skills such as active listening, excellent communication, and receptive and problem-solving skills. At the same time, the job requires a minimum high school diploma or GED qualification.

7. Bank Teller

Average Salary: $36,120

Like a receptionist, a bank teller works in the bank as they are arguably the first point of interaction for customers as soon they enter the banking hall; they also help customers in their financial transactions ranging from depositing and withdrawing cash to making money transfers and many others.

Aside from its mouth-watering salaries, being a bank teller can be a starting point to your great banking career as it allows you to interact with customers and learn more about the banking career, thereby improving your professional life.


Working in the consumer services sector requires tons of interpersonal skills and real-time experiences; it also has a wide range of high and worthwhile paying jobs you can choose.

The jobs mentioned above are the main and best-paying jobs in consumer services; However, there are more high-paying jobs in the field of consumer services that are not listed in this article; we hope we have solved your questions on what are the high-paying jobs in consumer services.

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