10 Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females in 2022

Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

What are the best paying jobs for attractive females? It is not a joke when you hear people saying that beauty pays, then you should know that it does. If you are a beautiful lady, there are certain places where your beauty is a job requirement for you to be employed. So you understand what we mean when we say that it pays to be beautiful as a person and, more significantly, as a lady.


A 2020 report from BLS records a high percentage gap in earnings between women in different categories, and women have earned more than men recently.

If ordinarily women earn higher than men, you can imagine the job and employment opportunities that await you if you are an attractive lady. But unfortunately, a study has shown that potential employers usually discriminate against unattractive females when it comes to recruitment because searching for a job is more or less like a beauty contest.


According to the University of Messina study titled: “Searching for a job is a beauty contest,” it was discovered that the possibility of being called back after the interview is 54% for attractive women and 47 % for beautiful women and men. In comparison, unattractive women had only a meager callback rate of 7%, while ugly men had a 26% low callback rate.

The above study has shown that emphasis is laid on how attractive you appear when you are considered for a job. Especially when it is part of your responsibility in your workplace to look good, some jobs like modeling, sales marketing, and banking usually have a high hiring rate for attractive females.

This is because there is this belief that someone attractive draws customers quickly and improves the business. If you own a real estate firm and you have sales representatives who go out for marketing. There is no way you wouldn’t prefer to employ those females who are very attractive over unattractive females.


Furthermore, some jobs in the industry require you to be very attractive to stand a chance of being employed. This is mostly seen in jobs requiring you to directly interact with the public, like being a receptionist in an office or a customer care agent, including other roles of the same kind and nature, and Forbes recorded that attractive people have a big advantage.

In this article, we will give you the result of our research on the best-paying jobs for attractive females so that you can know where your beauty can easily fetch you high-paying jobs without going through much stress.

10 Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

1. Modeling

Modelling is where beauty is a goddess, and being attractive as a female here will go a long way in getting you this kind of job. We are not trying to be biased, but the modeling industry has already created this bias, and they believe that the audience is all out to see beautiful models.


This is premised on whether these models are the face or represent the brand they advertise. It does not matter if you are a runway model or appear in facials, magazines, or newspapers. Regardless of the category, you fall into, and you need to be attractive as a female to get this high-paying job.

Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

One of this industry’s recruitment processes is the initial contestants screening. Becoming a model might start with participating in beauty pageantry, which requires you to undergo basic training to catwalk like a model and do all sorts of professional posing for pictures and commercials.

This is one of the jobs that does not require any specific academic qualification for you to be employed. Modeling jobs are very lucrative, but you must get to the top to become more influential and popular to earn more money.

This is because the bulk of the money is earned through endorsement deals with companies and various brands, and it also includes running some promotional commercials for the company or the brand. To become a top model, you should be attractive, have good communication and networking skills, understand human relationships, negation and time management, and personal organization.

If you are looking at the salary range of the top models in the world now would consider that according to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a female model is $51,124 a year, which means it’s approximately $24.58 per hour and $983 per week as a female model in the U.S.

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However, top models earn as much as $10,000,000, which should be your target because most earnings come from endorsement deals and company commercials. The modeling industry is very competitive, so you must be very serious and concerned about your looks to make good money from them.

2. Flight Attendant

Have you ever wondered why most flight attendants are usually attractive when you are on the plane? It is because employers understand the impact of beauty in the workplace, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing an attractive female attend to your welfare while you are traveling.

The job description of a flight attendant is greeting passengers as they get on board, helping them locate their seats, and attending to them when necessary. The attendant assists you on the plane and serves you according to her scope of duty. There is no point hiding that most men find it appealing to their desire to see an attractive lady attend to them on the plane.

flight attendant

There is no specific job qualification in the academic field for you to become a flight attendant. However, some flight attendant jobs require that you have at least 1-2 years of work experience working in a restaurant, bar, or public service that needs direct contact with people.

The most important thing for you is to know how to carry yourself and make yourself so presentable. But, more so, you should also know human management since you will be attending to different kinds of human beings-it could be terrible sometimes when listening to people.

Furthermore, you should know how to deal with the numerous advances you will face firmly and professionally. Well, that should not be much of an issue because it is part of the onboarding training you will receive when you get a placement at the airport.

The salary range for this kind of position is on the high side, considering the level of risk involved in the job. Working as a flight attendant poses the same life risk when anything happens to the plane.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of flight attendants is $61,640. The job projection of flight attendants is expected to increase by 21% from 2021 to 2031. Therefore, you will do well in this position if you are an attractive female.

3. Sales Representatives/Marketers

Sales representative/marketer is another best-paying jobs for attractive females that you consider when you are looking for a job. The position of a sales representative is to help advertise the products and sell them for the use of the general public.

If you want to do this kind of job, you should understand that you are also selling yourself, and as such, you must be well-dressed, polite, and attractive. This is because most people who are going to buy from you are doing so with their emotions and are not doing it logically. If you realize this fact, then you have to use it for your gain to help you earn more commission.

Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

If you meet or encounter an excellent sales representative who knows her job, most especially the real estate agents, you’re probably going to stop at nothing until you buy from them. So you are not only required to do your job and do it well, but you are also required to appear very appealing to the eyes so that potential prospects can give you their attention, and then you can start the game of trying to convince them.

On the flip side, you should try as much as possible to maintain professionalism. At the same time, you discharge your duty as a sales representative or a marketer, and it would be against work ethics for you to go against morals all for you to make sales.

The salary remuneration of sales representatives is relatively high, but you earn more if your earnings are commission based. Notwithstanding, the average salary for this kind of job is up to $80,000.

4. Personal Assistant

If you are the movie type, I’m sure you must have seen scenes where the CEO ends up having a personal and intimate affair with the personal assistant. It happens especially when the personal assistant is a beautiful female who works closely with the employer.

Little wonder, most married women never want their husbands to have a female personal assistant, attractive or unattractive because she poses a potential threat to their marriage. Howbeit, the job of a personal assistant, is to reply to emails and answer phone calls, fix meetings, and book travel arrangements.

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personal assistant

The importance of a personal assistant is seen when the executive is usually very busy. So the personal assistant keeps a calendar of meetings and helps the executive to be more organized. Sometimes, the job description includes accompanying the executive to meetings and traveling for trips. Being a personal assistant is a high risk, especially when you are attractive and good-looking.

On the flip side, it could be very tasking to be a personal assistant because sometimes, you might be required to work outside your work hours. Generally, we can say that P. You usually do not have a regular working hours as it’s tied to the hour of your employer.

The skills needed for this kind of position are as follows: communication, attention to detail, time management, organization, and general ability to multitask. The average salary range for a personal assistant is an hourly wage of $23, according to Ziprecruiter.

5. Actress

The entertainment industry is full of beautiful females who are entertainers and actresses. According to Forbes, the highest-paid female actress in the world currently is Sofia Vergara, who earns above $30 million annually.

This tells you that there is a lot of money in the movie industry for you, even if you are a beginner. If you are beautiful as an actress, you will get more movie roles if you also know how to act. You will also get more endorsements and commercial deals for various brands.

If you star in a blockbuster movie, you are sure that you have hit the fame running, and the sky can only be your limit to what you can achieve as an actress. Although the entertainment world has some average-looking stars, most females are beautiful, and people see them as celebs and influencers.

Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

This is also another job for attractive females that do not require any academic qualification for you to become an actress. It is more or less an art or skill than an academic-driven profession. However, if you want to excel as an actress, you should have skills like good communication and making imagination a reality from your scene; you should know how to dress because you are already a role model to most people.

Most importantly, it would help if you watched your lifestyle because everything about you is already in the camera to avoid scandals that can, in most cases, affect your career. Some of the top entertainers who recently experienced scandals are famous actor Will Smith’s scandal with Chris Rock.

It could do a whole lot of damage to you if you do not have control over it, just like the famous Jack Sparrow and his wife’s divorce case in court. According to a favorite report, the average salary of an actress is within the range of $ 50,000 and above.

6. Receptionist

Generally, while some jobs consider competence, academic qualifications, and work experience, others are employed based on the level of your attractiveness and not on academics or degree. For example, if you notice, the receptionist job is primarily occupied by ladies, especially the ones who are attractive.

Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

If you work in an office, the first person you meet there is usually a beautiful, well-dressed, gorgeous, and angelic lady greeting and welcoming you with her beautiful smile. This makes you comfortable at least the first impression matters at that moment. The receptionist’s job also involves:

  • Directing you to various offices
  • Making it easier for you
  • Taking your bookings or reservations
  • Even answering some questions for clarification

If you want to be addressed as a good receptionist, you should be well organized, have good communication skills, and have time management skills since you interact with customers; you must also possess customer-relationship skills and be willing to assist customers happily.

Furthermore, you might constantly interact with customers, clients, and staff and report to the general manager at the end of the working period. The average salary per hour for a receptionist is $15 per hour.

7. Massage Therapist

This is hilarious because each time you go to a spa center to have a massage, it is mostly certain that you will meet an attractive female who is ready to attend to you immediately. Well, the truth is that most men would not stand the same man carrying out a massage on his body or agree that an unattractive lady should do the job.

That is part of the massage therapist job demand, and it is usually what the customers need to be satisfied because they keep gazing and looking at how amazing she is, and they won’t know when they pay higher than the standard charge. Most of the massage therapists are slim, with beautiful physiques, and have glowing skin, which serves as a medium of advertising what the spa represents-beauty and the wholesomeness of the body.

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On the other side, this kind of job has its worries because it is unimaginable the effect it has when you are being touched by someone so attractive- it is sometimes irresistible. Some customers go as far as making some unprofessional advances and request to you, which could put you at a crossroad.

So you have to be mentally prepared and ready for the task ahead and decide if you are always willing to deal with the constant requests you will be getting almost every day from your customers. The truth is that your refusal to heed their request might send most of them away, and they won’t patronize you anymore.

That is bad for business, so you should understand your work ethic from your employer and know if it’s part of your job to satisfy them on the other side. The average salary for this kind of job, despite the whole inconvenience, is $35 per hour and above.

8. Teaching

Teaching is one of the best-paying jobs for attractive females in the world right now. In addition to the numerous academic requirements to be qualified to be a teacher, one thing that won’t be stated as a requirement but is usually considered is how attractive you are.

Sometimes, it is not your curriculum vitae that got you the job but your general appearance, as they feel the students would easily accept someone good-looking as against the opposite. Of course, most teachers are appreciated based on their performances and teaching skills, but the most attractive teachers are always noticed.


It will be a plus for you if you are attractive and you are also a good teacher, then you are sure of always going home with good reviews and recommendations. Teachers usually don’t get praise, and they work for hours. The job is stressful mentally, so it is usually never undermined if you also take time to look after yourself.

The job skills here are numerous, but you must have the requisite degree depending on the field. In addition, you have a series of certifications depending on the level you want to teach, and your work experience as a teacher will also count. The average salary of a teacher is between the range of $50k and above, depending on the location.

9. Ring Ladies

Ring ladies are among the best-paying jobs for attractive females. When you watch professional boxing, you will always see some beautiful girls move around the ring side of the place carrying a sign showing the next round and sometimes during the introduction of the boxers.

This job is simple, and you might wonder why they usually employ them. Still, it is necessary so that the crowd will cheer the players and the whole noise will be energetic and generally entertaining. If you work in this field, you should expect a salary between $60k to $250k annually.

10. TikTok Influencer

TikTok Influencer is one of the best paying jobs for attractive females, and since the invention of Tiktok, it has become a platform where you can earn a lot of money through videos and series of engagements from your content creation. The contents are videos; if you are beautiful and are very sure of getting more views, it increases your earnings on the platform.

tiktok influencer

Suppose you learn how to make excellent and professional videos. In that case, your account should be monetized in no distant time, and you can now earn a lot of cash from those videos you post because of the user interactions with your content.

There is no average salary, but we can estimate the average earnings from various Titktok content creators to be within the range of 5-10 cents for videos you upload when you get views according to their policy.


Now that you have seen the list of the best-paying jobs for attractive females, I do hope that you choose from any of them and are happy about it. You can earn much money from your beauty, so use it wisely.

If you have any comments or extra additions, you can drop t in the comment box, and we will interact with you as soon as possible.

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