10 Best Online Universities in the World 2023

Best Online Universities in the World

Best online universities in the world – Enrolling in an online school saves you from a lot of stress and gives you an option to learn anywhere than attending a physical school.

You might have little or no time to attend a physical class, or you have “anthropophobia,” which is the fear of people, yet you want to get a quality education, and that is where an online university comes in.

Getting a degree from an online university is more affordable, flexible, and accessible than traditional physical schools worldwide. Be assured that if the online school and course are appropriately accredited, you will get the same qualifications, job opportunities, and entitlement as other students studying on-campus.

However, looking out whether an online university is accredited or not should be the first thing to do before building up interest in studying in that school. Studying an online course not approved by the bodies regulating tertiary education might be considered irrelevant and a waste of time.

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Although there are many accreditation processes in various countries, you should be familiar with online accredited institutions, especially those in your locality; you can find out if your online program is accredited or not.

Best Online Universities in the World

Online schools are created to ease your education, and there are enormous programs you can choose from, and it is imperative for you to ensure that the school you are opting for offers your choice of course.

However, various online universities offer quality education with a blend of real-life experiences; below are the best online universities in the world with full accreditation.

1. University of Florida

Website: https://ufonline.ufl.edu/

Acceptance rate: 32%

Application Fee: $30

Launched in January 2004, the UF Online is the online school of the University of Florida, and it offers 24 undergraduate programs ranging from criminology, computer science, health education, and many others with masters and doctorate programs. The school focuses on affordability, flexibility, research, and an excellent students experience.

Undergraduate admission at UF Online is relatively easy, requiring an application and a transcript with a GED or high school diploma certificate, and distance learners have access to library resources.

2. University of Central Florida

Website: https://ucf.edu/online/

Acceptance rate: 45%

Application Fee: $30

The University of Central Florida has an online university called “UCF Online,” having over 100 online undergraduate and graduate programs which entail over twenty (20) bachelor’s programs, masters, and even doctorate programs.

UCF Online has a plethora of success coaches and tutors that help distance learners quickly access the university’s online facilities and system and also teach them to balance study and work with their personal life.

Various grants and scholarships are available for distance learners at UCF Online, making the school one of the best online universities in the world.

3. Liberty University

Website: https://liberty.edu/online/

Acceptance rate: 50%

Application Fee: $50

Liberty online is the online campus at the liberty university. As a Christian and a non-profit university, Liberty online offers a wide array of online classes and programs comprising 121 undergraduate programs, 125 master’s programs, associate degrees, and even high school.

The online school also makes room for various grants and scholarships available for distance learners with full technical support, access to online library resources and academic scholarships, and an affordable student fee.

4. Florida International University

Website: https://online.fiu.edu/

Acceptance rate: 50%

Application Fee: $30

The Florida international university houses the “FIU Online,” which offers a wide range of online courses consisting of over 25 undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and even professional certifications ranging from education leadership, recreation and sport management, and many others.

One interesting fact about FIU Online is that it has the same curriculum as those on-campus, making it one of the largest and best online universities that offer quality education with the provision of valuable resources such as great tutors and many opportunity options.

5. University Of Massachusetts

Website: https://umass.edu/online/

Acceptance rate: 61%

Application Fee: $30

The University of Massachusetts has its online university, “UMASS Online,” which is currently ranked as one of the best online universities in the world because it serves its learners with quality education and valuable resources such as the academic adviser, library, counseling, and many others.

UMASS Online has a wide range of online programs of about 113, and 12 require half online and half campus studies; these programs are known to be part-time courses, which are not fully online.

Distance learners are also taught with the same facilities and tutors and must be physically present at the graduation ceremony, just like the on-campus students.

6. Florida State University

Website: https://distance.fsu.edu/

Acceptance rate:

Application Fee: $30

The Florida State University, the oldest university in the state of Florida, houses an online university that offers a series of online programs ranging from specialized studies, bachelor’s degrees, graduate and even doctorate programs in computer science, systems engineering, and many others.

Distance learners at the online university also have access to financial grants and scholarships with the provision of valuable resources such as the academic library and many others, making it one of the best online universities in the world.

7. University of Missouri

Website: https://online.missouri.edu/

Acceptance rate: 77%

Application Fee: $40 – $75

The University of Missouri has an online school called ‘Missouri Online,’ which offers high-quality education to distance learning having over 90 programs ranging from bachelor’s, graduate, master’s, and even doctorate degrees.

Although distance learners also have to come to the campus physically to perform vital activities such as tests, physical training, and many others. Depending on your course, an average course semester at Missouri Online ranges from 8 to 16 months.

The exciting fact about Missouri Online is that they teach learners the same way on-campus learners are prepared using the same facilities and tutors. Still, learners are acquainted with Blackboard, Sakai LMS, and Moodle, making online learning easier to access.

8. University of Minnesota

Website: https://online.umn.edu/

Acceptance rate: 70%

Application Fee: 55%

The University of Minnesota has its own online school called the ‘University of Minnesota Online’ that provides distance learners with a wide array of programs ranging from bachelor’s, graduate, master’s, and even doctoral degrees with several courses consisting of communications, management, accounting, and many others.

The university’s online education works closely with the curriculum offered to the on-campus students, as they utilize the same facilities and tutors. Distance learners can also access valuable resources for easy learning, such as the library and many others.

Most at the University of Minnesota Online, learners access their lectures via the school’s iTunes account, while tests and assignments are accessed via Moodle.

9. New Mexico State University (NMSU)

Website: https://online.umn.edu/

Acceptance rate: 63.8%

Application Fee: $55

The New Mexico State University accepts distance learners to its online schools that provide high-quality education in many online degree programs, including bachelor’s degree, master’s, and doctorate programs.

Due to its excellence, the university has been recognized locally and internationally, receiving an award from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and it currently has a whooping number of 15,000 students.

10. Texas Tech University

Website: https://depts.ttu.edu/elearning/

Acceptance rate: 69%

Application Fee: $75

Heading to Texas Tech University, which has an online university that offers distance learning students a quality education in a more fun way by facilitating and organizing their programs via Blackboard.

The online universities offer a wide variety of up to 40 online programs that consist of bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degrees, and even post-graduate certificate, which entails software engineering and many others.

Best Online Universities in the World


Enrolling in an online and an on-campus school requires the exact admission requirements but may vary depending on the school you intend to choose. We hope you have learned from this article about the best online universities in the world.

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