10 Best Educational Apps for Students 2023

best educational apps for students

Best educational apps for students: The breakthrough in science and technology has made it possible for academic activities to be held outside the classroom in a virtual environment.

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, security challenges that have directly placed students’ lives at risk, and other factors that may hinder the possibility of having a physical classroom academic activity, there has been a need for these internet applications that help with the learning process.

Some persons may have difficulty understanding why this is important and possibly the negative impact it could have on children and youths alike. This is why we shall discuss the benefits of these applications in this article.

Also, some others may have a hard time picking which application is the most suited one for those who may want to go into this version of learning.

In that case, we advise that you sit back and read through the article, as we shall list the best apps for your educational activities as a student or as a parent for your children who are in school or homeschooling.

What Are Educational Apps?

Educational apps are applications supported by either PC or mobile devices or both, which help the student to learn topics and subjects related to their level of education. It also helps broaden students’ intellect about other essential things outside their learning area.

They can be accessed from the internet through mobile app stores or websites designated for them to be installed. Some of these apps can work without the internet as they come with all the tools and materials needed by the student, while some are strictly internet-based that is, they cannot be accessed without an internet connection.

educational apps

On the other hand, some of them are free. This means that while you may require an internet connection to download and install them, which is the end of your expenses on the application.

While for some applications, you may need to purchase them before you can be allowed to download and install them. For some, you may download and install them for free, but for you to upgrade to a better version, you need to pay for them.

Advantages of Educational Apps

Some persons would ask this question because of the age-long practice of having a classroom filled with students learning from a teacher or group of teachers. Seeing how long this has continued, some people have difficulty appreciating these educational apps’ benefits.

The point remains that educational apps could be the best thing that has happened to students in a long time, given the various challenges that have plagued the possibility of having a classroom discussion.

To further buttress our point, we shall briefly list the benefits of educational applications to students and parents alike.

  1. It brings about good learning experience which may not have been possible under the traditional learning system.
  2. They offer a lot of additional resources ranging from audio to visual resources which would not even require an internet connection to access most times.
  3. These mobile applications increase students’ willingness to learn things they might have been reluctant to learn under the traditional system of learning (i.e., classroom).
  4. It reduces the communication gap between students and the school or institution, as you can easily reach out to the relevant authorities using the applications.
  5. As learning apps, it comes with essential features that ensure the learning process is done efficiently.
  6. With specific built-in features, it helps for accessible communication between the parents and the teachers regarding the progress or status of their ward or children’s education.
  7. Unlike the regular classroom that opens and closes at designated times, it affords students the option of a 24/7 learning option.
  8. Unlike the regular classroom routine of having a designated place for learning, this learning method allows you to carry out your learning options anywhere.

Best Educational Apps For Students

Having gone through the benefits of this learning process, you may be compelled to enroll in any learning platform. Many applications on the internet offer these services, and it can be challenging to know which one to choose.

This is why we shall educate you on the best educational applications you can use. We shall describe each platform, its features, and other relevant information that may come in handy in choosing them.

1. Google Classroom

As we stated earlier, the traditional classroom environment allows students to interact with teachers and colleagues, and engage in other academic classroom activities.

These available options make it difficult for some people to choose educational apps as the best option for students instead of these traditional learning processes.

However, Google took the initiative and replicated normal classroom activities on this platform known as Google Classroom. The app tops the best educational apps for students because of its unique features, as all academic activities are taken on the platform without distance barriers.

google classroom

To further explain, in a regular classroom, students have to come together at a particular designated time. They are taught using various class materials and resources.

When it permits, they write tests and assignments, which are submitted to the teacher for grading and later handed back to the students. Further announcements are made during the class, and the students are allowed to leave for the day after that.

Students are invited to the virtual class through a code generated by the teacher, and the course begins and ends at a designated time.

When tests are given, students are to perform them using an in-built option on the platform, and they can submit their essays or assignments through the available options to the teacher for grading. Announcements can be made on the platform too.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.

2. edX

Another important application that can help students with their education, both for high school graduates/college enthusiasts, college students/graduates, or other people looking to add more certificates to their name, is the edX platform.

The quality of a certificate depends on the individual’s level of expertise and the institution that awarded it. In most cases, much more relevance is placed on the institution than the course.

This is because of the initial perception that the best institutions have certain status because of the teachers’ quality and the educational resources at their disposal. Some of these universities are called Ivy League schools.

Owing to how much value is placed on them, they are one of the world’s most sought-after universities or colleges. At the same time, they are costly, making it difficult for you to get in if you lack financial capacity.

best educational apps for students

As one of the best educational apps for students, edX allows access to many online courses offered by these Ivy League universities. Upon completion, you get a certificate from the university.

Moreover, what makes it more interesting is that you pay close to nothing before you acquire this certificate, as in some cases, some of the courses are offered free of charge. You can get video tutorials, study materials, and interactive quizzes and essays on the app.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users, and Apple Store for iOS users.

3. Wikipedia

One may wonder why this is one of the applications students utilize for educational purposes, but the truth remains that without this application, this list is incomplete.

The learning process sometimes entails that you have to have to limit yourself to certain materials and educational resources which are made available in the classroom.

The problem here is not just that you will be limiting yourself, but you will also have to do so with educational and instructional materials with little or basic knowledge.

best educational apps for students

The materials could in most cases be outdated, as edited copies come occasionally. Depending on the field of study, more updates, amendments, and upgrades can be made before the edited copies are available.

One would have to consider other available options to access a current, updated, and wild range of knowledge or resources on a subject.

While you may choose the internet because of the array of options, you need a single platform that can offer you all the knowledge you seek without having to surf numerous pages.

This platform, known as Wikipedia, comes in as it is the number one go-to page for anything you are looking for on the internet, with access to additional materials and resources.

It has in-built search options, and results are broken down into categories or links for you to explore further. In the end, it is a place you first check out whenever you are looking for information or further resources on a subject.

4. Duolingo

Nothing is more remarkable than being able to listen, understand and speak various languages fluently. It is a skill that most people wish that they possess.

However, it is one of the most challenging skills to acquire. It takes a lot of processes, time, and dedication. Also, one may want to take up various classes for each language, but there is one class, and a teacher for a particular class, and paying for each class could cost extra money.

So, one may be posed with the challenge of looking for an ideal place where you can offer all the language classes on a one-time payment or even free, but they may not find that place.

However, this is where this platform comes in. This app can access over 30 languages, interactive stories that help to sharpen and improve your learning skills, forum discussions, leaderboard competitions, and many more.


The app offers attractive person options from beginner to advanced level, ensuring that you learn these languages in a fun, interactive way. During the beginner level, individuals can identify images in words used to identify them in the language they are learning.

From this level, individuals go on to experience many interactive games, which will speed up their learning process. From there, they become exposed to audio and written stories to ensure that they understand the language effectively.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.

5. Remind

As some people would say, “the learning process is a continuous one.” This is so that not everything can be achieved in the classroom, as the time is limited, and there are also limited resources available in most cases.

Also, certain information which is impromptu would need to be disseminated to the general students, and it is always a challenge when this cannot be done quickly.

And then, parents need to be involved in the academic performance of their kids or wards by following up with their teachers, and students who wish to hang out to either socialize or engage in further academic activities.

All these are some of the things that have been plaguing students, teachers, and parents alike. Fortunately, these are the issues that this platform can help you solve.

 best educational apps for students

Through this platform, a virtual classroom outside the regular classroom can be created through a code that is then shared with individual class members who are invited through the code.

Once on this platform, users can share announcements, share flyers, and handouts, submit their assignments and carry out academic discussions among themselves as students. Parents can use this medium to discuss with teachers of their wards, and monitor their progress.

The app allows you to instantly message anyone, the option for translation to over 70 languages is available, sharing of photos, handouts, and other essential files

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users, and Apple Store for iOS users.

6. Photomath

Mathematics has always posed a considerable challenge to students. Various people even had to change their career paths because they involved elements of mathematics.

For students, it has become a norm that a good percentage of the class would instead take on subjects other than mathematics. Many things make this subject difficult though it gets more accessible; the endpoint remains that it gives the initial scare of difficulty.

 best educational apps for students

To conquer this, many people have chosen various techniques like extramural classes, home tutoring, and even extra time being allocated to the subject. However, the results may still be the same, or there may be a slight improvement

This is where this app comes in. It is important to note that it has been certified as one of the best apps for learning mathematics. Moreover, it helps to teach you this using the most effortless technique and assistance.

To use this app, you must turn on your camera and scan the handwritten math question. Then the app records it and provides a step-by-step explanation of the steps leading to the answer to the question.

It involves no internet, an in-built scientific calculator, animated instructions, and more than one method of solving a problem.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.

7. SoloLearn

There is high demand for ICT-related skills in almost every sphere of the economy. Many people have jumped on this to try and get as many skills as possible. One of the areas of interest is coding.

Under coding, many people have found it challenging to access platforms that can be used to learn the subject. Even one-on-one tutoring has not helped some people beyond the beginner level.

This is why they have opted for other options like continuous practice, trial and error techniques, and in some unfortunate cases, giving up on the idea of learning this skill.


Nevertheless, this platform allows you to learn to code straightforwardly. As a beginner or advanced professional, you can access many materials for languages like Java, Python, C++, swift, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and so on.

The app offers exciting features like an interactive session with other coders’ communities and current coding trends.

Students can get this app on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.

8. Khan Academy

This is one of the best educational apps for students. As we stated earlier, learning does not end, and the more effort one puts into it, the more advanced one can get in their academic pursuit.

Ordinarily, the classroom environment offers you the opportunity to learn and socialize while also allowing interactive sessions among students. However, the time is limited; at some point, the school has closed for one reason or another.

When this happens, parents or students begin to look for alternatives that will enable them or their wards to keep learning or pursuing their academics. This can be done through home tutoring or other options, but these are also limited.

To overcome this, this app must be given a chance by parents or students, as the case may be. It offers a wide range opportunity for students and the younger kids to learn various topics and subjects, from mathematics to humanities, economics, and sciences.

 best educational apps for students

It allows interested persons to learn using video tutorials which are over 4,000, and cut across various topics and subjects. They can either stream these videos or download them for offline viewing or later options.

Aside from these videos, you can easily find materials on various subjects like maths, sciences, humanities, economics, and many more, which can help you learn.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.

9. Udemy

One would wonder why this app was not listed among the first apps, but the truth remains that every app on this list is as important as the next one. That being said, this is one of the essential apps in the world of education.

This app allows you to access various courses across various subjects, topics, and issues of interest. In a world full of knowledge, it gives comfort to see that this knowledge can be accessed on one platform.

As a learning application, it allows you to access video tutorials on every topic. This available topic cuts across every other topic or subject under the sun, as almost everything is represented here on this platform.

 best educational apps for students

It allows you also to access recorded lectures which are not real-time lectures. In situations where you experience a break in understanding, you can quickly leave a comment in the discussion forum, and you will get the reply you want from either a teacher or a fellow student.

It allows expert instructors from around the world to publish their courses on the platform, giving you access to the wealth of knowledge of the best of the best intellectuals in the world.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.

10. Quizlet

Last but not least among this list of best educational apps for students is Quizlet, and just like any other platform here, it is an actual application that helps quickly learn various topics or subjects.

This application allows you to learn while having fun or through creative learning. In a world with strict compliance to rules or formats of learning, Quizlet allows you to learn while having fun.

It does this through flashcards that highlight essential facts or information for you. There are millions of flashcards across various topics that you can use on the platform. These flashcards contain information in small pieces which you can easily remember.


You can also create your flashcards using the information you wish to remember, and then you can share it with your friends or upload them on the platform for other users who wish to use them.

Aside from flashcards, there are available games on the platform that can help boost one’s learning process. These games also help one to track their learning progress.

You can also use other available materials for learning, as the usual learning method does not have to be flashcards or games as the case may be.

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.


Thank you for reviewing this article on the ten (10) best educational apps for students. Download the app or visit it and continue the learning process in a high quality way.

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