Best Countries To Work As A Software Engineer

Best countries to work as a software engineer

Best countries to work as a software engineer – We all know how difficult and demanding it could be to take engineering courses, regardless of any branch. But what does a person who could not get a good job after studying and working hard do to get good grades at the University as a software engineer?


Well, your chances of retaining passion in your field as a software engineer may gradually reduce if you cannot see why your efforts at school back in the day were worth it.

Thus, when the great team behind this website came together to rub minds on the following topic to work on, a list of the ‘best countries to work as a software engineer,’ was determined to be the right choice.

At this point, you should sit back and feel relaxed as we walk you through the outcome of our long hours of research (to ensure validity).


Disclaimer: As you read through this piece, note that we have not arranged it in any particular order – the countries on our list are simply the best choices for all software engineers who want to make more money.

Best Countries to Work As A Software Engineer

As we suspend all other things, we shall fully dive into the topic of the day. Below is a list of the ten best countries to work as a software engineer:

1. The United Kingdom

The UK, as it is being referred to, is extensive, consisting of other constituencies (also sometimes called countries) like England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is on the list of the most advanced countries in the world. In any sense that advancement can be measured, you can trust the United Kingdom not to lag.

The country being a developed one, is intellectually, scientifically, and technologically advanced. So if you understand the use of the English language, probably as a second language, you should seek a software engineering job in the UK.

As gathered from Vanhack, the payment software engineers and other tech personalities earn in this country is worth envying.

2. Germany

Germany is one of the countries with the best tech and healthcare sectors.

This is another country that celebrates skills like the one you have.

If you ever get the chance, visit Germany for a job in the tech sector.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a German, search no further. Just turn back to the internet for some job offers available for you.

4. The Netherlands

According to Investinholland, the Netherlands is one of the top 10 most technology-ready countries in the world.

It has also sometimes been ranked second worldwide for online connectivity.

Several other reasons you may want to choose the Netherlands as a good country to work in. The country can be entertaining to live in. Do you know that it is regarded as the most proficient English-speaking country?!

If English, the most commonly spoken language, is said to be proficiently used here, then it should be a choice of many. This means you will most likely consider working in this country.

If you have also dreamt of working and having fun at the same time, this can be the best choice for you.

4. Ireland

As obtained from Business Insider, a renowned internet website, Ireland is the home of many tech companies, so the country is fast getting deep in technology.

You do not want to miss out on the opportunities this country offers other software engineers. Moreso, Ireland is an English-speaking country.



Another thing to note about this country is that it has been a member of the European Union since 1973.

On average, it has been said that a software engineer can earn anywhere around €33 per hour in Ireland. You can imagine how beautiful that is.

Monetary aspect aside, it is also one of the world’s best places to advance your software engineer career.

5. Canada

One of Canada’s top counties where you can earn as a software engineer. The first reason is the value placed on human lives over there.

Canada has often been rated as one of the world’s most peaceful nations. Sources including Statista have revealed Canada to be in the world’s top 20 most peaceful countries. We should all know what it takes to earn this.

At least in the list of the countries of the world, this is one of the countries that does not give room to discrimination. Peaceful co-existence as people of different tribes, ethnicity, culture, and religion is especially inevitable here.

In addition to that, Canada is very well advanced in technology, which is one thing all software engineers consider when seeking the best country to support their dreams. We have fast-growing online-based businesses like Shopify and others in the country.

6. The United States of America

I want to believe everyone knows what it takes to be a world power.

Even though other countries, like China specifically, have been said to be longing for the position of the world power, by getting technologically challenged and improved – the United States of America remains the world power.

Some people predict that in 2050, there are chances that China will be the world power, whether this is true or not should not concern us because that is not the aim of this piece.

I have only highlighted this because I was hoping you could get an insight into what America and China (on our list) could look like.

These top countries, alongside others, compete highly, so brilliant software engineers will be highly rewarded.

7. Spain

Typically, Spain Software engineers can earn as much as £2,000 monthly. This sizeable amount of money paid to SE there should tell you a lot about the country.

However, you may be faced with communication problems there because Spanish has been said to be the only official language in Spain. This does not mean that English is not also spoken as a second language there. But please understand Spanish, considering the nature of the country.

8. Japan

Japan is ranked on some websites as the most advanced country in a technology sense.

This is one of the countries interested in the 6GB network. Come to think of it.

While some countries are still in the process of making 4GB go viral within their territory, we have others using 5GB already – and strangely enough, a few are already longing for 6GB.

Again, it should not sound like a piece of breaking news that Japan is a well-advanced country that will help the dream of all tech-oriented and software engineers.

Stop worrying about anything else if you can find your way to Japan as a software engineer. You will earn a small amount of money working in tech companies.

You will meet other software engineers more advanced than you in countries like this, thus helping to widen your knowledge in the field.

9. China

This is, by far, one of the world’s most incredible places.

I reckon it will be of no additional information to tell anyone that China is remarkable in technology.

So this should serve as a reminder to you that China is another country you can go to as an SE.

10. New Zealand

When we talk of technology and education, New Zealand is very oriented. The country places priorities on many things, including Fintech and Creative Technology.

As we all know, not all countries across the globe have deployed the current 5G network, but New Zealand, despite this, happens to be one of the top 20 countries in the world that have deployed the network.

The network speed has also made the country more developed technologically.

For this reason, New Zealand is another top country where tech or software engineers can work and earn massively.

These are just the top countries on our list, and there are several other parts of the world where you can live large as a software engineer. Some of them are United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Australia, etc.

The truth is that most of the advanced countries in the world are likely to be good places for software engineers.

Moreso, you may decide to take up jobs in other sectors when you get to these countries since you can choose to work part or full-time as an SE.

Note: Do not forget that we only number the countries for ease of reading because this may be a disorganized write-up without it.


Meanwhile, some countries can be helpful in terms of providing software engineers with a job, and others seem to be motivation-killing because they are not technologically advanced.

The best thing you can do right now – after exploring this information, is to seek the jobs available in any of the countries on this list if you are ready to work.


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