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Best  countries to study medicine – Even though there are many changes compared to the olden days, medicine is still regarded highly in the professional industry due to its lasting significance in our present world and for years to come.


The medical demand is so high among students, making the prestigious course competitive. Therefore it is necessary to research the best countries to study medicine as this post will reveal them all.

Studying medicine in a good country will be a good investment because you will be given a quality education and lots of medical research.

You will have access to leading researchers in the field of medicine and be surrounded by brilliant people, which builds a valuable relationship with them.


In addition to high-quality education, students studying medicine to have a MBBS degree in one of the best countries listed here will be trained in high-quality medical facilities, leading to excellent real-life experiences.

Talking about future job opportunities, students that attend institutions that the best countries homes tend to gain and increase their worth in the professional and jobs market.

You must know why you should study as a future doctor in one of the best countries to study medicine.

Why Studying Medicine in the Best Country

There must be reasons for every decision and a future doctor deciding to study medicine in the best country. Below are reasons to study medicine in one of the best countries as a future doctor:


1. High-Quality Education

Studying medicine in one of the leading countries will pave your way to excellent medical facilities, research, latest strategies and practicals, and you will gain a high-quality education with real-life experiences.

Students studying in the best countries will be at the lead, leaving behind students in countries with fewer medical facilities and less experienced researchers.

2. High Employability Rate

Because international hospitals or clinics are looking for students with high experience in medicine, students studying medicine in the best countries gain more edge and opportunities ahead of their peers in other countries.

Ever wondered why medical students graduating from the United States and India gain jobs more efficiently than students studying in some continents like Africa? It is nothing but the fact that studying medicine in one of the leading countries boosts one employability rate and makes you worth well in the jobs market.

3. Thrilling Experiences

We did not just merely choose the best countries to study medicine, but we have to consider some factors such as quality education, cost of living, and security, among others.

Also, International companies (medical sectors and others) made some of these countries their headquarters or branches, whereby students can build quality relationships that will pave their way to their beautiful careers.

The serenity, beautiful and calm nature in all the leading countries to study medicine is enough to give you a thrilling and wonderful experience, coupled with tons of fresh air that will blow through your nostrils. Oh, what a unique moment!

Best Countries to study medicine

Now, let us look at the best countries to study medicine:

1. USA

The United States is undoubtedly the best country to study medicine because they emphasize the importance of research more than every other country. It homes some best universities to study medicine, like Havard, Stanford, Yale and UC San Francisco.

Medical schools in the United States do not only focus on breeding skilled clinicians. They develop them to be researchers as well.

Most students that graduated from medical schools across the country are now doing exploits because of their high-quality education background and real-life experiences they gained in the course of doing practicals in the university and internships.

Concerning clinical training in the United States, you will gain complete knowledge in the field because the country has giant and leading hospitals, laboratories and even health centres worldwide, such as the Mayo Clinic and the Cleaveland clinic.

Reasons you should study medicine in the United States

Below are genuine reasons why you should study medicine in the United States:

  • Leading Health Centers and Clinic
  • Excellent Medical facilities coupled with good medical schools
  • Leading and highly experienced medical experts
  • High-quality education with future jobs opportunities

2. United Kingdom

Heading to the United Kingdom, the home to several best universities to study like Cambridge University and Oxford University, the high emphasis on research which has become the most priority among universities in the UK has paved the country to become the second best country to study medicine.

Universities in the UK, such as Oxford, teach students the basics of medicine. Generally, students undergo an undergraduate degree for three (3) years. You have to enrol on medical schools, which takes another three (3) years which is short compared to other countries.

The country also has distinct health centres and hospitals and offers students clinical experiences such as the Saint Thomas Hospital and the University college hospital, among others.

Reasons you should study medicine in the United Kingdom

  • Faster medical programs
  • Advance health centres and hospitals
  • Deep medical research

3. Australia

Australia is also among the best countries to study medicine because it is home to some leading universities that offer treatment worldwide. The government is also known to admit numerous international yearly into various medical programs.

Medical students studying in Australia enjoy good education because the country is home to some universities in the QS ranking, such as Monash University, the University of Sydney, and the University of Melbourne.

There is no specified duration for Medical students to finish their education, but it takes at least 5-6 years and four (4) years for a Master’s course.

4. India

Home to over 540 medical schools, India is one of the best countries to study medicine in the world, with enormous numbers of international students studying various medical programs.

One interesting fact about India is that most universities for medicine in the countries are not expensive. However, studying Medicine in India is faster, and a medical student will have to take a medical degree for 5-6 years.

5. Canada

With Canada completing our list, the country is also one of the best countries to study medicine but highly competitive for international students. However, you can try your luck as an international student.

Canada is home to 17 medical schools offering high-quality education for medical students. Students have to undergo pre-clinical courses for two (2) years and another two (2) years of clinical training.

An internship is done without stress for future doctors due to the availability of good hospitals in Canada, like the hospital for sick children and the centre for addiction and mental health, among others.


The countries mentioned above are the best to study medicine, though there are still more countries. However, there are still more countries to study medicine as a future doctor, like Netherlands, Sweden and many others. The listed countries above are the commonest ones.

I hope you find this article helpful; feel free to drop your comment in the comments box below and share this article with your loved ones.


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