Best Chemistry Textbooks In Nigeria For WAEC And JAMB

Best Chemistry Textbooks In Nigeria For WAEC And JAMB

What are the best Chemistry textbooks in Nigeria for WAEC and JAMB? There are a lot of textbooks recommended by schools to school children who are about preparing for their WAEC and JAMB examinations, and it can be challenging to identify which is the best with a fantastic curriculum for every topic to be studied in a subject.


West African Examination Council, popularly known as WAEC or WASSCE ( West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination), is an annual examination held in every school, whether private or public, to test their ability to prepare them for higher learning, while the Joint Admission Matriculation Board popularly known as JAMB for short is an external exam hosted once every year for students who want to study in Universities, Polytechnics, and College of Education.

However, in this article, we will be looking at the top best-recommended Chemistry textbooks for students in Nigeria who are preparing for their WAEC and JAMB examinations.

Is Chemistry a Hard Subject?

Yes. Chemistry is considered one of the most challenging subjects in Colleges. Many school students ask this same question often, and it is effortless to prove otherwise because Chemistry as a subject is not easy.


To study the subject properly, one needs to spend more hours learning the subject, asking reasonable questions when necessary, attending every possible class, and carrying out assignments.

All these practices can not be overemphasized as they help to boost one’s learning speed. Chemistry has lots of topics, and the subject is usually broad, so more effort needs to be put in to gain positive results.

Can Anyone Study Chemistry In School?

Yes. Anyone can take up the course/subject and study it in school, provided they are ready to take responsibility for their actions. One needs to be consistent in the learning process.

To study the subject, it is advised that one map out the different topics in the subject and teach them one after the other. Learning Chemistry can be an enormous task, and sometimes it can be tedious when reading Chemistry textbooks.

So, it is recommended that students who want to study the subject grow a love for it because it is impossible to hate what you are already passionate about. That way, anyone passionate about the subject can study it no matter how hard it tends.

Best Chemistry Textbooks In Nigeria For WAEC And JAMB

Below is a compiled list of the top best Chemistry Textbooks in Nigeria to consider as a student preparing for WAEC and JAMB examinations.

1. Essential: Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools, (2008), 2nd Edition, I.A. Adesua, Lagos. Toned Publisher Limited

The Essential Chemistry textbook for Senior Secondary School students preparing to sit for their WAEC and JAMB examinations is the best-recommended Chemistry textbook for any student who wants to pass with good grades.

The textbook uses quality examples and relatable topics in its text to convey knowledge to students in the easiest way.

2. New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools, Ababio, O.Y. (2009), (Fourth Edition), Onitsha. Africana FIRST Publisher Limited

Students should use this Chemistry textbook to prepare for their WAEC and JAMB examinations. It features in the list of best Chemistry textbooks for Nigerian school students who want to participate in external exams to be admitted into higher institutions.

Students can easily search for information and understand the text because of its simple structures.

3. Senior Secondary Chemistry, Bejah, S.T; Teibo, B.O, Onuwu, G; And Obikwere; A Book 1 (1999), Books 2 And 3 (2000). Lagos Longman

This is a must-read Chemistry textbook for Secondary School students ready to take up their WAEC and JAMB examinations.

The text makes use of simple examples and can easily be understood by school students with fewer cases of complications. It is one of the highly recommended textbooks by both JAMB and WAEC.

4. Understanding Chemistry for Schools And Colleges, Ojokuku, G.O. (2012, Revised Edition), Zaria: Press on Chemresources

This is considered one of the best Chemistry textbooks for any Secondary School student.

The textbook uses many more straightforward examples to teach students, and the Joint Admission Matriculation Board highly recommends it because of its usefulness to students.

5. Countdown to WASSCE/SSCE, NECO, JME Chemistry, Uche, I.O; Adenuga, I.J, And Iwuagwu, S.L. (2003). Ibadan; Evans

The Countdown to WASSCE/SSCE, NECO, JME Chemistry textbook is one of the most highly recommended Chemistry textbooks for WAEC and JAMB candidates who want to sit for the examinations.

The textbook makes use of illustrations and lots of examples in its text. It also has lots of background information and rich sources available to students.

Why Consider The Best Chemistry Textbooks for WAEC And JAMB Examinations?

Have you ever wondered why students need to consider the best Chemistry textbooks for their WAEC and JAMB examinations?

Anyway, below are three reasons why every student needs to consider using the best Chemistry textbooks to prepare for their external examinations (WAEC and JAMB).

1. Recommended By JAMB And WAEC

The plain truth is that the above-listed Chemistry textbooks are highly recommended by JAMB and WAEC bodies. The aim is to ensure that students derive quality information and find knowledge when studying the texts.

There are a lot of published Chemistry textbooks but only a few help students with their school work, such as assignments, projects, and research.

2. To Ensure Clarity

One other sound reason why school students who are preparing to sit for their WAEC and JAMB examinations need to consider using the best-recommended Chemistry textbooks is for clarity.

We all will agree that Chemistry is not as easy as most subjects, and it needs a lot of time to understand correctly.

So, therefore, for one to succeed in the subject, one needs to be provided with credible information which can only be found in the best-recommended Chemistry textbooks.

Other Chemistry textbooks may seem too ambiguous to students as they do not convey much information.

3. Easy to Understand

The above-listed Chemistry textbooks recommended for Secondary School students are considered easy to understand and assimilate by students.

The texts were made so that school students could easily read and understand them without facing difficulties or complications of any sort. For this reason, they were listed as the best Chemistry textbooks for school students.


Though Chemistry appears to be one of the most challenging subjects in Colleges, it can also be amusing to study if only all the tips in studying the subject are being observed, such as growing an extraordinary passion for the subject/course, studying the subject at leisure periods, asking questions when necessary, participating in classes and carrying out helpful Chemistry assignments.

This way, the subject will gradually become easier to learn and understand.


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