Bendigo Bank Scholarship Application 2022-2023

Differences between SCHOOLING and education

Bendigo Bank scholarship – Are you looking for scholarships to fund your higher studies or training? Bendigo Bank has announced its annual Scholarship Programme for next year’s academic year. The program offers a range of bursaries to finance tertiary study.


Bendigo Bank Scholarships offer students from low-income backgrounds opportunities to access quality post-secondary education at no cost.

Students can apply for a bursary through the application portal anytime between March and November. Students should consider applying to Bendigo Bank Scholarships early as they are limited to 500 students each year. 

Students who qualify will receive their award cheque within two weeks after receiving notification. All successful applicants will also be required to complete a minimum of hours of community service.


Applying for a Bendigo Bank Scholarship is fast, easy and FREE. You’ll receive funding for your study fees, accommodation, and travel costs if successful.

Bendigo Bank Scholarship Available

They offer three types of scholarships:

1. Bendigo Bank International Student Award

This award provides students attending tertiary institutions across Australia with access to an overseas study program.

It covers tuition fees and living expenses during your course.

Applicants are selected based on academic merit and leadership potential.

2. Bendigo Bank Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is open to international students wanting to study at Australian universities for 12 months or longer.

3. Bendigo Bank Education Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship encourages high-achieving students to undertake further education studies.

Download the application form. Complete the form carefully according to instructions and submit it.

All applications must be received by November 10th.

Eligibility for Bendigo Bank Scholarship

Students must be 18 and 30 years old and enrolled in an Australian college or university. They may be studying for a bachelor’s degree, diploma or certificate.

They must hold an Australian permanent resident visa.

Any student enrolling in a Bendigo Bank scholarship-funded course must apply online to receive the scholarship.

Requirements for Bendigo bank scholarship

All applications need to include the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Three referees (at least one of whom should be known to the applicant)
  3. Transcript of qualifications and academic performance
  4. Financial information such as tax returns and pay slips

Please note that these requirements vary depending on your nationality and immigration status.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete the online application form and upload supporting documentation.

  • Applications are open until midnight (AEST) on Monday, March 1st or until the closing date indicated above. 
  • The applications received after the due date may not be considered.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

For more information, call 1300 722 924 or log onto their website

What happens next?

Upon receipt of your application form and any required documentation, the Bendigo Bank Scholarship Committee will contact you to discuss your eligibility and provide details regarding application procedures.

10 Things to Avoid When Applying for Scholarships

Are you applying for scholarships right now? If yes, you may already know that scholarships are an excellent way to finance a higher education without incurring debt.

However, most scholarships don’t last forever. Some scholarships may expire after one year, two, three, or five years.

So, here are ten (10) things to avoid when applying for scholarships:

1. Don’t Overlook Any Opportunity

There are plenty of opportunities to apply for scholarships. Check online resources such as Scholarship America, Fastweb, and Scholarship applications are usually sent via email. Check these emails – you probably won’t find any scholarships in the spam folder 

2. Avoid Applying Too Early

Try not to apply too early. Most scholarships require applicants to submit their application materials within a specific timeframe. For example, some scholarships ask for application materials no later than January 1st.

This means applicants who wait until March or April to apply will miss out on those scholarships.

3. Think Twice Before Filing Multiple Applications

Filing multiple applications isn’t necessary. If you have several scholarships that appeal to you, apply only for one each month. This will save you time and effort, plus you’ll have a greater chance of success.

4. Write a Personal Statement That Shows Why You Deserve Financial Aid

Writing a personal statement is the easiest part of the scholarship application process. Write down your goals and explain why you deserve financial aid.

Keep the tone conversational and informal. Explain why you attended college, chose to study a specific subject, and what you hope to achieve after graduation.

5. Take Advantage Of Free Resources Available Online

Many organizations offer free information on scholarships and financial aid. These sites include, FastWeb,,, and others.

Take advantage of these free resources to learn more about scholarships. There is no cost associated with using these websites. Plus, learning more about scholarships makes you eligible for more awards.

6. Know How to Use Social Media Effectively

Social media plays a significant role in helping you find scholarships. Many scholarships require applicants to upload their resumes and cover letters to the organization’s website. Others allow applicants to complete their applications through social media platforms.

You must understand how to use social media effectively. Once you’ve applied for a scholarship, it will be easier to follow up with the organization.

7. Remember That Every Application Will Count

Every step counts toward increasing your chances of winning a scholarship. Even if you have a low GPA, it doesn’t mean you cannot win a scholarship. Always focus on improving yourself first. Then, apply for another opportunity once you’ve done well on one test or assignment.

8. Keep Track Of Your Application Status

As mentioned earlier, most scholarships require you to apply no later than January 1st. If you haven’t heard back from the organization, keep track of your application status online.

Checking your application status will inform you of updates regarding your scholarship award.

9. Review All Award Requirements Carefully

When applying for scholarships, you should review all requirements carefully. Read over every single detail of the award description. Do you meet every requirement listed? Are there any additional qualifications that you need to meet?

Be aware of deadlines or submission guidelines. Also, remember that sometimes the requirements change between the initial application deadline and the final awarding of the scholarship.

10. Try To Get A Good Grade On Your Transcripts

Getting a good grade on your transcripts shows potential future employers that you’re serious about pursuing a career in science. It also ensures you receive the maximum amount of money possible for tuition. Therefore, try your best to earn As and Bs on your transcript. Getting straight A’s is ideal, but this is still a positive sign if you can only manage a couple of As.

Don’t worry about missing classes to attend interviews; instead, take advantage of office hours or tutoring sessions. Use our tips above to ensure that you are prepared for the summer. Keep reading for more ways to prepare for the coming school year.


In conclusion, consider applying for the Bendigo Bank Scholarship Program if you’re looking for a new challenge. This program gives students from rural areas access to higher education through scholarships, internships, and mentoring programs. 


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