12 Australian Foundation Scholarships For International Students

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Australian Scholarship foundation – It is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping students from developing countries pursue higher education through financial support and professional development programs.


Australian Scholarship Foundation Overview

The Australian Scholarship Foundation (ASF) provides scholarships, grants, and bursaries to over 4,500 deserving international students annually. Students come from more than 100 countries around the globe.

Since its inception in 2003, ASF has awarded more than $32 million in funding directly into the pockets of nearly 12,000 young people who would otherwise not be able to study abroad due to a lack of funds or other barriers. The organization also offers comprehensive career services and mentoring opportunities to participants.


Your application should include a cover letter describing why you want to go overseas, what courses you wish to take and what kind of job you hope to get after graduation. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements, they might send you a form letter acknowledging receipt of your application. For those who are accepted, their eligibility is usually determined within two weeks.

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12 Available Australian Foundation Scholarships

1. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) – $16,400 Australian Government Scholarship

UNSW offers scholarships to international students seeking to pursue degrees in Arts, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, Psychology, Social Work, Statistics, Urban Planning, Zoology, and Biomedical Sciences.

2. Murdoch University – $15,000 Australian Government Scholarship

Murdoch University offers various scholarships to international students willing to study in Australia. These include scholarships for study programs across multiple disciplines.


3. Curtin University – $10,000 Australian Government Scholarship

Eligible candidates can take advantage of this program and study subjects such as arts, computing, education, law, medical sciences, nursing, philosophy, politics, public administration, theology, and zoology.

4. Deakin University – $9,000 Australian Government Scholarship

Applicants should possess excellent academic achievements to be considered for this program. They must also show significant financial need and demonstrate potential leadership qualities.

5. University of Sydney – $10,000 Australian Government Scholarships

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in any field such as law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary science may apply for these scholarships.


6. Edith Cowan University – $20,000 Australian Government Scholarship for International Students

Applying for this scholarship means that students are required to meet specific criteria. Applicants must either hold a first-class honors degree or above or complete a minimum of 60 credits of upper-level tertiary study. Furthermore, they must submit a personal statement describing their career goals and plans to return home after completing their studies.

7. the University of Queensland – $25,000 Australian Government Scholarship – UQ

This scholarship program allows international students to seek a bachelor’s degree in medicine, dentistry, law, business, agriculture, pharmacy, natural resources, engineering, architecture, applied science, or computer science.

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8. La Trobe University – $26,900 Australian Government Scholarship

La Trobe University offers scholarships to international students who wish to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Commerce, Humanities, Laws, or Education.

9. QUT – $14,000 Australian Government Scholarship Program

QUT offers scholarships for students who plan to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Health Science. This program focuses on nursing, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, dental hygiene, and podiatry.

10. University of Melbourne International Scholarships

This prestigious scholarship offers AUD 30,000 annually to outstanding applicants who wish to study medicine or dentistry at the University of Melbourne. The selection process is highly competitive and requires students to have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

11. Monash University – $40,000 Australian Government Scholarship

Monash University offers scholarships ranging from $35,000 to AUD 50,000 annually. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time in a course leading towards a bachelor’s degree.

12. RMIT University – $45,000 Australian Government Scholarship (Rural)

RMIT University provides scholarships worth up to AUD 45,000 annually to eligible international students. To qualify, you must study for a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Psychology, Social Work, Veterinary Science, or other related fields.

How to Apply 

Interested students can apply by visiting the website of the Australian Scholarship foundation. There you will fill out the application forms and also get other needed information you may need. Click HERE to APPLY

How Do You Find a Scholarship That Matches Your Need?

Scholarships are a great way to fund your education. They’re also a great way to make sure you can study abroad. Here’s a list of steps you can take to find out if you qualify for scholarships and how to apply for them:

1. Check Out Scholarships Available Through Your University

Most universities offer some scholarship programs. These vary widely in terms of eligibility requirements. Still, they all require you to meet specific criteria before being awarded a scholarship. For instance, you may need to be enrolled in a particular university or college or have a specific GPA.

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You can search for scholarships offered by your university through its website. Many times, these are listed under the “scholarship opportunities” tab. You’ll also find them listed under the “financial aid” section.

2. Apply for Federal Financial Aid Programs

Federal financial aid programs like Pell Grants and Stafford Loans are open to everyone regardless of citizenship status. To learn more about federal financial aid programs, visit the U.S. Department of Education website.

3. Look Into State Scholarships

Many states offer state-specific scholarships. Visit the National Association for Student Financial Assistance to find a directory of state-sponsored scholarships.

4. Search Local Newspapers & Magazines

Local newspapers and magazines frequently run articles listing local scholarships. You can also look for scholarships in your area through websites like Fastweb.org.

5. Ask Around

Ask your parents, teachers, professors, and classmates about scholarships. You may also ask your current or former landlords, roommates, and housemates.

6. Start Saving Now

Save money now so you can afford to go to school next fall. Consider putting away $100 per month toward your future tuition costs.

7. Be Prepared to Write Essays

Essay writing is part of the application process for many scholarships. So, you’ll likely need to write several essays over the summer.


Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, these scholarships are considered the best scholarships in Australia.

In addition, getting a scholarship is the best way to fund your higher education in Australia. Besides, having a scholarship is an excellent way to study for free in Australia.

Furthermore, you can also find Bachelor’s scholarships in Australia, master’s scholarships in Australia, and Ph.D. Scholarships in Australia for international students. Moreover, you should note that if the application deadlines are closed, you must await the subsequent opening of applications.

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