10 Highest Paying Jobs In India & Their Salary 2023

10 highest paying jobs in india

The jobs people take can go a long way toward determining their standards of living. Therefore we all want to be careful with our choice of career. What are some of the 10 highest paying jobs in India?


Does India offer high-paying jobs with the country’s economy? Look to drag further, and this article shall provide you with the relevant answer to your question about the highest-paying jobs in India.

Specifically, we have prepared 10 of those lucrative jobs for you to examine and choose from. Some of the jobs will require you to invest and sacrifice some years of studies and hard work to attain them.

10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

The following are the 10 highest paying jobs in India:


1. Business Consultant

If you are already a professional in what you do, then you can be sure that there are thousands of Indians out there longing to meet and learn from you.

The management or business consultants are required to be senior management professionals or MBA graduates.

An exception to this requirement is if you will be standing to work on your own. To cut the whole thing short, you can start on the internet. All you have got to be successful if you choose to be operating your business consultant career on the internet is to get a few people to start with and create trust in people.

Salary Structure: This depends on the agreement between you and your clients.

2. Civil Services

If you want to earn massively in India, this is just an option.

As a patriotic citizen of the country, you will not only be interested in this job for the money involved in it but also for the activities it entails. Then it will appear to you that you have been paid to do what you love to do.

You would be representing India home and abroad as a civil servant. Your love for the country will naturally make you even more successful in the field.

Categories or classification of civil service in India. There are majorly three categories of this job, including:

  • The IFS – Indian Foreign Services
  • IPS – Indian Police Services
  • The IAS – Indian Administrative Services

Requirements to become a civil servant in India

  • Be self-defined
  • After taking the UPSC, IPS, IAS, or IFS examination, you must be qualified

Salary Structure: You will be paid around 56k to 250k Indian Rupees, depending on your category.

In addition to the salary, you would be paid travelling and house rent allowances. You will soon live if you are reasonable to work in this line.

3. Engineering

Gone are the days when all we thought revolved around chemical, civil, computer, and mechanical engineering.

In today’s world, engineering has gone further, so we now have   Biotechnology Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Genetic Engineering, making it an exciting but lucrative field, especially in India.


Simply getting a degree in Engineering at any well-known technical institute will give you the chance to earn relatively large as an engineer.

Salary Structure: Being another good way to earn in India, you can make around Rs 30k to 1.5 lacs monthly as an engineer.

4. Company Accountants

Being an essential part of every successful company, company accounts are always in high demand. Unless businesses no longer operate, they will forever need chartered accountants across the country.


Intending chartered accountants should ensure they are first-class students at the first attempt to have higher chances of getting good pay.

Salary Structure: CA can earn seven (7) lacs as a minimum yearly payment, depending on the company.

5. Merchant Navy

If you can withstand the mental challenges of being on the water for about 5-10 months at a stretch, this is another high-paying job you want to check out as an Indian.

Requirements to become a Merchant Navy in India

Applicants or intending merchant Naval officers should try to get good grades in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics at the minimum – completion of class 12.

Salary Structure: Your monthly earnings here range from Rs 8k- 12k.

Another thing remarkable about this job is that as obtained from sources, taxes will not be charged from your salary. As an applicant, several positions, such as radio officer, chef, chief engineer, cadet, etc., are available for you.

Note that you get paid based on your position.

6. Medical Professionals

India is one of the world’s top countries in medical terms and places high value on medical professionals. If you are a country citizen, you should be able to relate better. The country produces high-rated doctors yearly.

Health is wealth, and the citizens of this country understand that so well. We all want to live and can afford to spend a fortune on our health, making it one reason this job is said to be one of the most lucrative ones can do in India.

Doctors are especially consulted daily for physical fitness and health issues.

Where to work as a medical personnel in India

You can work for a private or government-owned hospital in India like in other countries. But then one of these two pays better.

While you can earn around 35k Rupees minimum (and no maximum earning limit) in a private hospital, the government-owned hospital will offer you about Rs 25k monthly.

Although working in this field may be very demanding, the monetary benefit makes it worth going for. If you are not in a rush, you can study this course at any accredited institution in the country.

7. Company Secretary

Another highest paying job in India that will let you earn a handsome amount of money is this. Company secretaries are always very important to successful businesses because they help check the company’s affairs.


At least, applicants should have offered an introductory company secretary course in the 12th class.

Salary Structure: As a company secretary, you can earn between Rs. 30k – 1.5 lacs.

8. Aviation Services

We all know how risky it is to travel by air. For this reason, Aviation service personnel are offered a good amount of money as salaries. You want to agree with me that this job only sounds easier than it is. But believe me, if you are determined to do it, it is always possible.

Give it a try and place yourself on the margin of earning as much as many other successful people in the country.


To become a commercial pilot, one must have had a minimum of 200 flying hours experience. Just imagine how demanding this is! In India, the aviation service also requires a minimum height of 152 cm, with at least a 12th Edu level pass.

Salary Structure: At this point, you might get tempted to leave all the jobs your mind has started settling for since the beginning of this article for this – unless money is not your priority.

You can earn around 3-8 lacks monthly as a pilot in India.

If you want to go for this, then check here to see more about the requirements to work in this field in India.

9. Lawyers

Lawyers charge bombs, as they say. But is it possible to be influential and ignore the place of these law wizards?!

Lawyers are needed to help protect our rights and defend us when we are charged with the wrong things.

Considering the job of lawyers, no one will deny that the money they make is worth it. These people seem to live in the library studying law books of different countries, ready for as tough as transcontinental cases to settle.

If you ever intend to make money here in India, you want to consider the law. It might take you years to study, but this job is fantastic, and not only will it get you rich, but as a lawyer, your rights are automatically protected.


To become a lawyer, you should have good grades in BA LLB or MA LLB.

Salary Structure: Lawyers in India can earn as much as 15 lacs yearly.

10. IT Professionals

This has become one of the most lucrative jobs not only in India but also across the globe since the world has moved significantly into the internet. How do I mean? Several activities that used to involve physical appearances now require us only to be active online and input commands.


To stand out as an IT professional in the country, make sure you are good at software development & testing, application development, and computer science and well-versed in other technology courses.

In addition to the last paragraph, holding a degree in technology from a well-recognized Indian institute will be a great plus for you.


In conclusion, many of these highest-paying jobs in India require you to work on yourself to stand out and make more than others in the field. So I advise you to identify which of the 10 highest paying jobs in India that your strength lies in and work towards getting it.


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